Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Wedding Bouquet Sure To WoW!

The “Tahiti” bouquet is part of the 2016 collection.

The inspiration for this bouquet was influenced by the most gorgeous and stunning stargazer lilies that form the most noticeable part of this bouquet, together with the hot pink and white colour scheme, we designed this for the bride who maybe is getting married abroad, or perhaps a bride who wants something exotic and different for her wedding.

The bouquet has a lovely combination of oriental 'Stargazer' lilies, hot pink carnations, gypsophlia and hydrangeas.
 The handle is a full wrap of white satin ribbon, but this can be changed free of charge (upon request) for a partial wrap of satin or raffia for a more natural feel, which will give you a view of the stems showing at the bottom, instead of them being fully covered, if desired. (Please look at our 'Rustic Sunshine' wedding bouquet of this style of handle).

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

6 Considerations for your Church Wedding Flowers

OK, so you have chosen and booked your church. You now have a target date in which to plan from. You can now start to think about the flowers within the church.
 Some churches do not have flowers on the altar and many clergy have strict rules about flowers during certain periods in the religious calendar such as Lent and Advent. These are penitential seasons and by ancient tradition not the time for a wedding!

Flowers at the Altar
Church FlowersIf a wedding is to take place at such a season then you may be required to remove the flowers so they will not be in the church for the following Sunday.

Ceremony FlowersMost churches are architecturally unique and will have certain bespoke features. Don’t obscure these with your flower decorations, instead try to emphasize them.

Aim to put the flower arrangements above eye level whenever practicable so that they are not lost to sight when people stand up, after all you want to show off your hard work. The correct colour for frontals and vestments at a wedding is white. Make sure you have considered the following:

  1. Does the church own some pedestals or other containers that you can use and do the pillars have any screws or nails for hanging garlands?
  2. Will the pews take pew-ends easily and will your chosen colour clash with the aisle carpet, which cannot be changed?
  3. Is the church normally kept locked and if so when can you have access to install your flowers?
  4. Are there weekday services that would interfere with your flower installation? Many town churches usually have many weekday services.
  5. Access to water? Where are the cleaning implements such as dustpans, brushes and where does the rubbish go?
  6. How will you go about dismantling and recovering any pedestals of your own?
All this information can then be passed on to whoever is to do the flowers, although the arrangers will certainly wish to see the church for themselves.
Courtesy of Exclusive Floral Designs

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wedding Hair Combs and Head Bands
Some of our latest hair accessories for weddings and special occasions. Including hair combs and hair bands to add a touch of sparkle to your weddin day.
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Smell Free Flowers?? Really?

Florists, including the public may not know these details. However, this article is Not entirely true i have to say. It has been known for years amongst us florists that the smells from flowers have been 'bred' out of them over time.
We all know the distances involved!!!


Wedding flowers that will stand the test of time?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

We Have A New Bouquet

Checkout our new silk wedding bouquet. The ultimate in realism.
 SweetHeart Bouquet

With a mixture of roses and vanda orchids. Our 'Sweetheart' silk wedding bouquet is a Classic style wedding bouquet packed full of lovely deep red roses and coral orchids.
Of diamante centred high quality silk rose flowers and silk vanda orchids. Rose leaves provide a flourish of greenery. The stems are partially bound in matching red satin ribbon (diamante studded). Variable ribbon colour may be changed on request.
Red & Coral Orchid Rose Luxury Silk Wedding BouquetRed Rose & Coral Vanda Orchid Luxury Silk Wedding Bouquet
Bouquets that you can keep aside as a reminder of your special day with your wedding dress.

Should you be looking for other styles of artificial wedding bouquets? visit us now at

Silk Wedding Bouquet Roses and Orchids

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wedding Bouquet Trees You Must See

Searching for your wedding colour scheme? Need some inspiration? Take a look at our wedding bouquet trees. Each tree is composed of an individual silk or artificial wedding bouquet and grouped into shades.
Of the highest quality silk, foam or even dried flowers, the bouquets from will stand the test of time that will enable you to keep your treasured bouquet as a 'wedding' keepsake.
Black and Brown Wedding Bouquet IdeasRed Wedding Bouquet IdeasPurple Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Green Wedding Bouquet IdeasSilk Wedding Bouquet Ideas in Orange SunflowersWedding Bouquets In silk Pink
Red Wedding Bouquets IdeasWhite and Ivory Wedding Bouquet IdeasBlue Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rustic Wedding Flower Ideas

Need some more wedding flower ideas or inspiration?
Brown Rustic Silk Wedding Flower Ideas
Wedding Flowers in Silk and Dried materials 
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